A zero-config static site generator for dev blogs

What are all the command line options?

$ md2blog --help
  -c, --clean         Clean output directory before processing
  -d, --drafts        Include drafts in output
  -s, --serve         Serve web site, with automatic reloading
  -w, --watch         Watch for changes and rebuild automatically
  -i, --input <dir>   Input directory (default: "content")
  -o, --output <dir>  Output directory (default: "out")
  --copyright         Display open source software copyright notices
  -h, -?, --help      Display usage information

Note that --serve implies --watch. Also note that --serve does not affect the build output (the automatic reloading code is injected by the test web server, and is not present in the files on disk).

Recommended options

Here are some recommended command lines:

For local testing (no drafts)

md2blog --clean --serve

For local testing (with drafts)

md2blog --clean --serve --drafts

For building (without serving)

md2blog --clean